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Wellcome to spanking site

Here is site devoted spunking fetish. Here you can find thousands movies which are devided on categories like lesbian spunking, familial spanking, caning videos, schoolgirl spanking, spanked wives. And that`s not all. Much more categories are here. Watch video on demand. No membership, no monthly fee. Get 10 free minutes when you will sign up. And begin to enjoy watching how hot and horny girls spunking each other, how husband panish his wife for disobedience or angry school teacher spunk pupils for bad marks. That was just example. Here is much more fascinating spunking stories.


The Damsels Of Dachau
Cruel and unusual punishment, sexy and lascivious. An experienced Female libertine with 2 young maidens! Irene Boss visits Dachau Germany after the annual Bound Con Convention (where she is a guest of honor each year), and corrupts 2 innocent young fetish models in the arts of lesbian rubber bondage, sex, and S/m. Both girls are so innocent! Neither girl has been in rubber before, or has experienced any real domination. Irene gets them to do everything!

The scene opens with slave Dana in a black rubber cat suit kissing slave Melanie, while Irene initiates Dana in corporal. Irene places Dana in a corset and Melanie is stretched on the rack. Irene then decides to make the two girls dominate each other! They are made to spank each other and kiss each other's nude beautiful behinds. Irene then makes a nude bondage sandwich out of the two girls and they experience their first whipping while one wears an inflatable rubber hood.

The girls are interrogated hospital military style on an OBGYN table to give up secrets about their male lovers while Irene examines and humiliated them during a strip search. They are inspected and one is forced to sit on an electric dildo. The Ladies are then tied to each other and forced to give oral service to each other in a scorching 69. They are then caged standing naked pressed up against each other. Irene swallows the only key to the lock, telling them that she will return to unlock them when "the key comes out the other end."
Approximate Running Time:1:00



Nubian Princess Interogation
Tall, stunning, black model Yasmine, who's done fashion modeling prior to her exploration into the world of bondage videos, is the subject of Master Rick Savage's cruel intentions this afternoon. We will witness an interrogation scene in the interrogation chamber of the famous Den of Iniquity dungeon in New York City. Dressed in a very sexy schoolgirl outfit with a ball gag tied into her mouth and her hands tied behind her back, we find Yasmine kneeling in the isolation box. The master asks her one final time, "Will you tell me where it is?" She shakes her head "no" and the master informs her, "We have ways of making you talk." First, rope bondage is used to immobilize this tall, black beauty. Rope is tied around her ankles, around her knees and around her chest just above and below her small tits. Rick caresses her face with a pair of steel tongs, then....the tit torture begins as the tongs are used to pinch her natural tits. Quickly, her skimpy cotton top is lowered so the cold steel has direct contact with her pretty bronze flesh. Yasmine's dark brown nipples are long and quite erect. The tongs now focus on nipple torture as Yasmine's incredible nipples are pinched, pulled and twisted. Our tall Nubian princess cries beneath her ball gag, but still refuses to give up the information that Savage seeks. Master Rick usually prefers a more "hands on" approach to torture, so he drops the tongs and uses his fingers to pinch Yasmine's nipples. After more nipple pinching and twisting, Savage puts wicked, heavily weighted nipple clamps on Yasmine's hard nips and now leaves her alone to "consider" her dilemma.

Upon returning to the dungeon, Yasmine is affixed to the St. Andrews Cross, facing the wall, so that hard spanking and various other forms of ass punishment can be administered. After a few spanks, Yasmine's short little schoolgirl skirt is pulled down just below her buttocks for easier access to the "target zone." After a good hard spanking, Yasmine is still not willing to give up any information, so Rick brandishes his favorite leather flogger and gives our Nubian princess a very harsh ass flogging. But Yasmine's sinewy succulent tush proves able to absorb a great deal of pain, so Rick reverses her position on the St. Andrews cross, using a lot of rope to hold her in place. After more barehanded nipple torture, metal nipple clamps, connected via a small chain are affixed to Yasmine's throbbing nipples. Master now discovers that by continuous pulling on the chain, Yasmine creates such piercing screams beneath her ball gag. Nonetheless, she's still not offering any information.

Master now moves Yasmine from the St. Andrews cross to an antique dental chair so that her interrogation scene can continue. With duct tape holding her mouth shut, Yasmine is bound into the chair with her glorious buttocks dangling off the edge of the chair. This leaves them completely vulnerable to more hard spanking and ass flogging. Our black beauty screams and cries beneath the duct tape as Savage unleashes a wicked dose of ass punishment. Finally, with her ass flesh inflamed from the spanking and flogging, wicked Master Rick now massages her pretty ass with his Wurtenberg pinwheel. The camera zooms in super close so we can watch the sharp little pins press into her tender butt cheeks. Again, our helpless slave screams and cries mightily beneath her gag but...she still refuses to cooperate. After more spanking and flogging, with her ass in serious pain, emanating plenty of heat, Savage has a plan to make things even hotter. He now drizzles scorching, melted candle wax down her back and onto her sore derriere. If you truly enjoy the sound of the female scream, then you will most definitely enjoy this final portion of Yasmine's torture.

You might wonder....WILL the beautiful Yasmine ever crack? And just what exactly is it that she's hiding? Tune in and find out.
Approximate Running Time::53


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